Why Solar Powered Solutions?

We’re helping Ireland reach net-zero carbon emissions — one sustainable customer at a time.

Our long-term plan for a solar-powered future


We partner with architects and engineers at the design stage, leading with new concepts and energy savings to clients and customers.


We only work with industry-leading product partners, so we’re always up to date with state-of-the-art technological advances.

Solar Energy


We’re not just selling you a product — we believe in keeping you informed about our systems and your ongoing energy savings.

Ecological Way

Rethinking the future of energy

We don’t just install your solar panel system — we’re engaged at every stage of your green energy journey.

Help with State grant process

We know the grant system, so we’ll take over your whole process.

Design and support

Custom design solution with savings breakdown — and dedicated support after installation.

It’s time to switch to solar

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How solar systems work


How solar PV systems work

Sunlight activates the photovoltaic (PV) cells in the solar panels during daylight hours.


How solar panels work

Photovoltaic cells turn sunlight into DC electricity, and an inverter converts this to AC electricity to power your home.


How solar PV systems save you money

The smart tech system prioritises power, and diverts excess to battery, immersion and car charger.


Efficient solar energy in 4 steps

If you need more electricity than generated by panels, excess power is taken from battery storage, and the grid.

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