Even bigger savings with state funding
Solar PV grants

Save thousands on your solar energy upgrade

Check how much you can save with an SEAI grant. And don’t worry about complicated paperwork — as a registered SEAI solar PV company we can complete your application, including all forms and ESB notifications.

Grants calculator

Per kW1st kW2nd kW3rd kW4th kW
Grant amount€900€900€300€300
Total grant€900€1,800€2,100€2,400
Annual kWh *900

Domestic grants

Claim up to €2,400 with SEAI’s Solar PV Grant to help fund a solar panel installation in your home. Funding is available to all homeowners, including private landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2021. Don’t start works on your home until you have a grant offer.

Commercial grants

If you’re a sole trader, farmer or company paying corporation tax or income tax in Ireland, you can reduce your tax bill and energy costs with the Accelerated Capital Allowance grant. The ACA tax incentive scheme allows a successful applicant to deduct the full cost of energy efficient products and equipment from their profits in the year of purchase.

Smart solar car chargers

Claim up to €600 towards buying a solar powered charger for your car with the SEAI’s Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant. All homeowners can apply for a grant, even if they don’t own an electric vehicle — visitors can use the charge point, and it can be used to install a charger at a rented property.


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